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Personalized Mother Necklace With Cushion-Cut Cubic Zirconia Accents

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Each item is handcrafted and assembled with love just for you and your loved one. Due to this, please allow 2 - 5 business days for your order to ship.

Once shipped, you can expect delivery within:

USA: 2 - 5 Business Days w/ Standard (1 - 3 Business Days w/ Expedited)

Canada: 5 - 10 Business Days

UK & EU: 3 - 7 Business Days

Australia & New Zealand: 8 - 20 Business Days

Rest of the World: 5 - 10 Business Days

Crafting Memories, One Necklace at a Time

Personalized Mother Necklace With Cushion-Cut Cubic Zirconia Accents

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Welcome to the Personalized Mother Necklace Collection 💖✨



Brilliantly crafted from the best quality materials, our exclusive collection features meticulously cushion-cut cubic zirconia. Each necklace delivers an extraordinary touch of elegance and remarkable durability. Let each piece's radiance epitomise the stunning beauty and fortitude of the unwavering love between mothers and their children.



At the heart of each necklace lies a heart-shaped pendant 🏷💖, lending symbolism to the profound love and deep affection nurtured in a mother-child bond. Our flexible chains, available in a variety of designs—ranging from traditional cable chains to modern box chains—promise a comfortable and adaptable wearing experience.



The pendant in each necklace is thoughtfully sized to strike a perfect balance between a statement piece and modest humility. Its versatility makes this necklace perfect for everyday wear or extraordinary occasions.



Offer something more than a gift 🎁✨ Present an unforgettable moment with our premium mahogany-style box, equipped with LED lighting. We ensure every unboxing moment becomes more enchanting and memorable, making your heartfelt gift genuinely unique.


Why choose our Personalized Mother Necklaces?



These necklaces are wonderful gifts from children to honor their beloved mothers. Perfect for celebrating milestones, birthdays, holidays, or simply expressing deeper sentiments of love and connection. Each necklace from this collection is a magnificent symbol of the enduring bond unique to mother-child relationships.



We stand distinctively in the jewelry industry, renowned for our superior manufacturing quality, value for money, and years of abundant experience. We promise exceptional beauty at an exceptional value.



Our target audience primarily comprises females, especially those purchasing for their mothers. These necklaces are perfect for adults in their 20s to 60s who want to express heartfelt love and connection to their mothers. These sentiments can be shared by people with young children and adult ones alike.


With our necklaces' premium feel and design, we cater to customers within the middle to upper-middle income brackets or higher. Our ideal customer appreciates luxury for sentimental purchases and is predominantly based in the USA, although we also appeal to international customers according to shipping capabilities.


Features of the Personalized Mother Necklace



🎁 Premium cushion-cut cubic zirconia: Epitomizing ultimate elegance with assured durability.

💖 Adjustable chains: Offering varied options, always prioritizing comfort.

🌍 Ethical material sourcing: Reflecting our commitment to supporting local artisans and promoting sustainability.


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  • 🎁 Two heart pendants, sparkling with CZ crystals


  • 🎁 Constructed from high-quality polished surgical steel in a rose gold finish or 18k yellow gold finish


  • 🎁 Pendant dimensions: 0.6" (1.5cm) height / 1.1" (2.8cm) width


  • 🎁 Adjustable length: 18" - 22" (45.72 cm - 55.88 cm)


  • 🎁 Secure lobster clasp

Each piece is carefully packaged in a soft touch box, free of charge for effortless gifting. Upgrade the presentation and opt for the mahogany style luxury box, casting a glowing LED spotlight on your gorgeous gift.

Each item is handcrafted and assembled with love just for you and your loved one. Due to this, please allow 2 - 5 business days for your order to ship.

Once shipped, you can expect delivery within:

USA: 2 - 5 Business Days w/ Standard (1 - 3 Business Days w/ Expedited)

Canada: 5 - 10 Business Days

UK & EU: 3 - 7 Business Days

Australia & New Zealand: 8 - 20 Business Days

Rest of the World: 5 - 10 Business Days

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Exquisite Craftsmanship!

I adore my custom necklace from Bespoke! It's beautifully made and truly unique. Perfect for cherishing special moments.

Emily Thompson

Meaningful & Elegant

Bespoke Necklace helped me create a heartfelt gift for my wife. She loves the personalized touch and wears it proudly.

David Johnson

Treasure for Generations

The necklace I received is not just jewelry; it's a symbol of love and connection. Exceptional quality and service!

Sophia Martinez

Affordable Luxury…

Impressed by the eco-friendly approach of Bespoke. My purchase came with a beautiful piece of jewelry and a sense of pride.

Michael Davis

Customer Reviews

Based on 103 reviews
Ethan Wilson
Guided by Love: Bespoke Necklace

When I decided to gift my mother the Bespoke Necklace, I was searching for something that could encapsulate the guidance and support she's always provided. This necklace, with its superior craftsmanship and timeless design, did just that. It was like shining a beacon on her role as my life's lighthouse. The online purchase was smooth, and the emotional connection the necklace fostered exceeded all expectations. It's a heartfelt way to say 'thank you' to the most important woman in my life.

Dear Ethan,

We are truly honored to hear how our Bespoke Necklace served as a beacon of appreciation and love for your mother. Your words beautifully capture the essence of what we strive for – creating jewelry that not only embodies exceptional craftsmanship but also forges deep emotional connections. Thank you for choosing us to be a part of such a meaningful gesture. We look forward to crafting more pieces that help express your gratitude and love in the future.

Liam Smith
Illuminate her love with Bespoke.

Gifting my mother the Bespoke Necklace was an emotionally rich experience. Its exceptional craftsmanship and timeless design mirror the support she's provided. The quality is undeniable, and it's a beautiful, lasting way to express gratitude and love. It's more than just a necklace; it's a symbol of our bond.

Dear Liam,

We are deeply touched by your heartfelt testimonial. At Bespoke Necklace, it's our privilege to create pieces that encapsulate such profound emotions and connections. Knowing that our craftsmanship has contributed to expressing the enduring bond and gratitude you share with your mother is incredibly fulfilling for us. Thank you for choosing our necklace as a symbol of your love and for sharing your experience with us. We are honored to be a part of such a special moment in your lives.

Emma Johnson
Graceful Resilience: A Mother's Legacy

Gifting the Bespoke Necklace to my mom was more than just a piece of jewelry. It was a tribute to her sacrifices and devotion, a piece that captures our journey of love and support. The craftsmanship and design are unmatched, making it a symbol of our bond and her unwavering support.

Dear Emma,

We are deeply touched by your heartfelt message. It's truly rewarding for us at Bespoke Necklace to hear how our jewelry has become a symbol of the special bond between you and your mother. Your appreciation of our craftsmanship and design underscores our commitment to creating pieces that are not just beautiful, but also meaningful and reflective of life's profound relationships. Thank you for choosing us to celebrate your mother's legacy and the journey of love and support you share.

Charlotte Hernandez
Honoring Mom's Love with Bespoke.

For my mom, the Bespoke Necklace was more than a gift. It was a tribute to her devotion and sacrifices. The intricate design tells her story of nurturing and love, making it a piece she's proud to wear every day. It's a symbol of our bond, a way to show her how much she's valued.

Dear Charlotte,

Thank you for sharing your heartfelt experience with the Bespoke Necklace. We are deeply touched to know that our creation has beautifully captured the essence of your mother's nurturing love and devotion. It's our honor to craft jewelry that not only adorns but also symbolizes the precious bonds and stories of those who wear them. Your mother's pride in wearing our necklace is the highest compliment we could receive.

Emily Clark
Melodic bond. Ethical gift.

I chose the Bespoke Necklace for my mom, a piece that mirrors our bond. It's not just an accessory; it's a tribute to her unwavering support. Crafted with care, its elegance and durability reflect her role in my life. It's an emotional reminder of her love, a piece that resonates with our shared experiences and values.

Thank you for choosing Bespoke Necklace to honor the special bond you share with your mom. We are truly touched to hear how our jewelry serves as a tribute to her unwavering support and love. It's heartwarming to know that the care and quality we put into our pieces resonate with the precious moments and values you both share. We are delighted to have been a part of such a meaningful gesture and hope this necklace continues to symbolize the beautiful connection between you and your mother.