Write For Us

At Bespoke Necklace, our aim is to provide exquisite, personalized jewelry that tells a tale close to one's heart. We believe authentic, artisanal craftsmanship is key to bringing each piece to life on our blog.

We’re looking for skilled, enthusiastic artisans to join our team as contributing writers. As a local expert, you can help us create content that captures the true essence of personal storytelling through jewelry for enthusiasts worldwide.

What We’re Looking For

We welcome writers who:

  • Are experienced jewelers or have deep knowledge in jewelry design
  • Have a profound understanding of crafting narratives through jewelry
  • Are excellent storytellers who can craft compelling articles
  • Are reliable and passionate about sharing their expertise

What You’ll Do

As a contributing writer, you may:

  • Write jewelry design guides, storytelling techniques, reviews, and more
  • Share unique insights into the world of personalized jewelry
  • Interview skilled artisans and other experts in the field
  • Take captivating photos to accompany your articles
  • Help fact check and edit other writers’ drafts

Why Write For Us

We offer our writers:

  • Byline and author bio on all published pieces
  • Competitive compensation
  • A platform to share your passion and expertise
  • Exposure to a large global audience of jewelry enthusiasts
  • Flexible schedule and remote work
  • Growth opportunities within our publication

Get In Touch

If you have a rich knowledge of jewelry design to share, we would love to hear from you! Please visit our Contact Us page with your background and interests. Let’s work together to provide the best jewelry storytelling resources. 💎